Mushrooms of Salt Point State Park

On our way to the Central Trail trailhead in Salt Point State Park to begin our long awaited prairie loop hike, we came upon a group of 3 people who each carried a paper bag and walking stick. The gentlemen in front asked us in a lilting European accent, “Did you find any?” Not having found anything that day, I smiled and replied, “nope,” not knowing what the heck he was asking about. It wasn’t until later when we passed by the kiosk window and saw a posted sign that I realized what the gentleman was asking about. They were asking us if we had found any mushrooms. Mushroom picking is legal in Salt Rock and they even have organized  mushroom forays that teach people how to identify and collect them. I, myself, did not attend one these forays, so I just took pictures and admired from afar. This is my photo journal of the mushrooms I saw on our hike to the prairie and back. I wonder if any of these were edible?



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