Volleyball tournament weekends

Although we would love to be able to take a family campervan trip every weekend, the reality is that other obligations take precedence, not to mention the weather doesn’t always cooperate. One big commitment that takes up a big chunk of our weekends from January through May is my daughter’s volleyball tournaments. Technically, they are campervan trips because we drive the campervan, but they are a different type of weekend campervan trip. The tournaments are usually all day affairs, sometimes spanning both weekend days. Some are far enough away that we have to drive up the night before and spend the night close to the location because the first serve is always at 8 am and the team has to be there at 7:15 for warm-ups. Volleyball is a fun sport to watch and I truly enjoy watching my daughter’s team play, but the 8-10 hr days (not including the travel time) and the constant waiting around to see them play makes it challenging. This is volleyball for junior high girls, times sure have changed!2016-04-02 10.00.25

The Golden Gate Bridge at 5:30 am on a rainy, windy morning on the way to a volleyball tournament and the same bridge on the return trip 13 hours later.

2016-03-13 18.15.44For the last few tournaments we’ve driven to the venue the morning of the tournament, leaving the house around 5-6 am with everything we need for the entire day (we pack everything in the campervan the night before). It sounds like I’m being nonchalant about it, but believe me tournament days are crazy! Getting up at 4:30 am, when every fiber of your being is telling you to go back to bed, is physically painful! I know that we are not the only ones because all of those girls that play have families that support them and bring them to these venues. And we’re not the ones playing volleyball all day! One of the parents said they felt hungover the next day (and it wasn’t like they got to enjoy the “good part” of being hung over the day before to make it worthwhile!).

2016-02-06 06.48.57
One from our collection of early morning pictures

The campervan has been a life-saver in all aspects of these types of weekends. My daughter who is the exact opposite of a morning person, can sleep comfortably during the drive then have a warm breakfast when we get there, which seems to help lessen the blow of these early mornings for her. For my hubby and I, resting, napping and being able to prep a healthy meal in the campervan keeps our old decrepit bodies from crashing and burning. Although we love our campervan for allowing us to take our family trips, we love it just as much for providing a home away from home during these long sports days. With the good gas mileage and the fact that it can fit into a regular parking spot, we feel pretty comfortable taking it most places and it has become a primary family car for almost everything. And to think one of our big concerns was that it was just going to sit in our driveway collecting dust…

One of the tournament locations was Sonoma State University. When it wasn’t raining, there was plenty of time between games to walk around. We were able to take a quick walk around the campus when the rain stopped for a bit and found the campus to be very pretty with so much greenery.

We have 2 big tournaments to go to finish up the season. Go team!DSC_2381


3 thoughts on “Volleyball tournament weekends

  1. Truly a very important van for such a crazy routine. Commend you for being faithful supporters. Pictures are enticing. The early AMs —not much.

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  2. I feel for you! Our daughter competes in gymnastic and trampoline competitions all over the UK. The early starts and hanging around sounds so familiar. Great idea to take the camper along though.

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    1. Oh great, another sports parent! The things we do for our kids, I tell ya. Gymnastics and trampoline competitions sound fun to watch!
      The camper really saved us this year – I’m not getting any younger🙂. Good luck to your daughter’s gymnastics and thanks for stopping by!


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