Far Westerns National Qualifier 2016

One of our latest campervan excursions took us to Reno, Nevada where our daughter played in one of the biggest volleyball tournaments around. It was Far Westerns weekend! Far Westerns is a volleyball national qualifier tournament for girls 12-18 years old from all different divisions/levels. The tournament is so big (greater than 1000 teams, 15000 players and families) that it is held over two weekends to accomodate all the age groups even in the huge conference center that can house 77 courts along with another event center that can house 8 (the 12-15s one weekend and the 16-18s the next). IT IS NUTS!2016-04-18 08.20.56

The drive through the Sierras was beautiful!2016-04-15 17.11.48There was still snow at higher elevations. People were still skiing at Boreal?!?2016-04-15 17.25.122016-04-15 17.21.30
2016-04-15 17.27.55

2016-04-15 17.46.26
The scenery changed as we got closer to Reno

We made it to the Grand Sierra Resort which was our home for the next 3 nights. They have a great area for kids where there was an arcade, laser tag, bowling alley, pool, movie theater and restaurants catering to the younger crowd. Upstairs they have a number of restaurants to keep the parents happy. Overall we were very happy staying at the hotel and the girls had plenty of things to keep them occupied while they team bonded!

We didn’t take advantage of this, but the Grand Sierra Resort has an RV park (178 sites, $37/night) that have “comfort stations” with showers and restrooms. It was very close to the hotel and it seemed pretty booked. Didn’t know.2016-04-17 14.29.27Saturday games were at the Reno Events Center in downtown Reno.
2016-04-16 07.21.032016-04-16 07.21.072016-04-16 08.31.07

Sunday and Monday games were at the Sparks Convention center. This was our second year at this 3 day volleyball tournament held every year. We were better prepared this year with the campervan and we knew what to expect. Last year, we just felt overwhelmed all the time. The parking was crazy, the convention center was too big, it felt like there were just too many people and we didn’t know where we were supposed to be half the time. This year we just knew what to do… like we earned our Far Westerns degree or something. We made our campervan home base, put our fitbits on (gotta get credit for all that walking) and just continually walked and walked- to watch games, check on everyone at the team tent, shop at the kiosks and back to the campervan to rest or eat.

Home base
2016-04-18 08.10.51
The calm before the storm
2016-04-18 08.12.22
An hour later this entry way was wall to wall people
2016-04-18 08.13.04
Somehow they fit 77 courts into the convention center
2016-04-18 08.18.46
The referees looked like a mirror optical illusion

The sheer number of people and the sounds coming from all the activity was intense!DSC_4200DSC_4241DSC_4197

2016-04-17 13.05.01
Team Dabbin’

Somehow we made it through the Monday games and headed home. Having played club volleyball and having experienced Far Westerns myself many (MANY!) years ago, it was special to share my daughter’s Far Westerns experience with her.

Thank goodness for another beautiful drive home.DSC_4254DSC_4257DSC_4266DSC_4283

Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz and Angel Island during sunset
Cruise shipped docked at a pier in San Francisco
San Francisco, so beautiful at dusk



5 thoughts on “Far Westerns National Qualifier 2016

  1. A mind bobbling event. 2nd time around offers much experience, it seems. The girls must be consider it all as over the top Good sharing.

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  2. It looks like it was quite an experience for all of you! I love your photos of the drive and the scenery. We were in San Francisco last June, just as it was getting dark, and it was beautiful. We just passed through, stopping at Ghiridelli square for the girls to buy chocolate, and boy did they. It was their first time through there and, since we were heading back to Oregon, they used the rest of their spending money. It was a LOT of chocolate and they ate most of it up as we travelled through the Redwood Forest for the next couple of days:) 3 girls and bags of chocolate……..very happy van load!


      1. We were passing through on our way from D-Land to the Redwood Forest, but wanted to stop and let them have that experience. We had taken the older kids years ago, but this younger batch and the cousin who we took had never been.


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