Minneapolis, Minnesota

I really liked Minneapolis! This was my first visit to the Midwest as an adult and I left Minneapolis impressed with the wonderful city as well as the people. We spent four nights in Minneapolis watching some great volleyball and exploring the city. Having spent the previous day getting to know the “Twin City” of St. … More Minneapolis, Minnesota

St. Paul, Minnesota

My daughter’s volleyball team finally qualified for Junior Nationals at the very, very last qualifier tournament in May, leaving our team scrambling to get flights, hotel reservations, transportation, etc… for Minneapolis, Minnesota. We have never been to Minnesota and frankly, I really didn’t know what to expect, so I embarrassingly spent a lot of time … More St. Paul, Minnesota

Reno, NV

On our last trip to Reno, my impression of “the biggest little city in the world” changed. It’s entirely my fault that I didn’t have such high regards for this city, I never gave it a fair chance. In the past Reno was a great place to find a cheap place to stay when we … More Reno, NV

Mount Diablo State Park

I hope all of you amazing moms had a wonderful Mother’s Day! The past couple of years, I’ve spent Mother’s Day at my daughter’s volleyball tournaments. It’s not my favorite way to spend Mother’s Day, being inside a convention center with absolutely nothing resembling a Mother’s Day brunch, and hundreds of cheering fans – NOT … More Mount Diablo State Park

Russian River and Armstrong Redwoods State Natural Reserve

Celebrating milestone birthdays gives us an excuse to do something a bit out of the norm, to go ahead and splurge a little because it’s always good to celebrate life. My mother-in-law celebrated her (mumble, mumble)th birthday by renting a house in Healdsburg right on the Russian River and kindly invited all of us family … More Russian River and Armstrong Redwoods State Natural Reserve

October Day Trip Along the California Coast: Apples and Monarchs

October is one of my favorite months. The craziness that is September has passed and things have settled into a nice rhythm. My daughter has gotten used to her school routines, the weather has cooled down and beautiful, orange pumpkins are everywhere. October for our family is when middle school volleyball season is in full swing … More October Day Trip Along the California Coast: Apples and Monarchs