Bike Riding on the San Francisco Bay Trail

Location: San Francisco Bay Trail from Mountain View to Sunnyvale
Parking: Terminal Road, Mountain View

On a Saturday in March we took a bike ride on part of the San Francisco Bay Trail, the section from Mountain View to Sunnyvale (14.5 miles round trip). The San Francisco Bay Trail is going to be a 500-mile walking and biking path that goes around the entire San Francisco Bay (map), and as of now has 345 miles completed. Many sections continue to be updated and expanded, including four miles of the Moffet Bay Trail which has been recently resurfaced. We biked through this section and were very impressed with the way our bikes glided over the surface, not paved but very hard packed dirt (pretty color, too). If you continue the Bay Trail to Sunnyvale, the surface changes and becomes gravel. As soon as we were on the gravel surface, I was already asking if we wanted to head back. Our bike ride from Mountain View Shoreline Park to Twin Creeks Sports Complex in Sunnyvale, started out paved, then hard packed dirt for about 4 miles in the middle and then gravel. You can see for yourself how different the surfaces are.

We parked on Terminal Drive in Mountain View where there was plenty of parking, and started the bike ride from the south side of the parking lot. There is a trail entrance on the north end which lead you towards the Adobe Creek Trail (gravel 5 mile loop) while the entrance at the south end leads you towards Shoreline park and the Bay Trail. We started early afternoon, later than we wanted, and felt the winds pick up as the afternoon progressed. If you can bike this trail earlier on in the day you may avoid the afternoon winds. The headwinds were pretty strong on the way back (at least for us).

2016-03-19 14.06.542016-03-19 14.16.16

The newly paved trail surface was much nicer to bike on than gravel.2016-03-19 14.30.38View of Moffet field from the trail.


We stopped at the Twin Creeks Sports Complex in Sunnyvale and turned back.2016-03-19 15.15.06



DSC_2923Almost back, near Shoreline Park2016-03-19 14.16.12

2016-03-19 12.57.21
Loaded up the bikes

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