Winter Camping in Valley of Fire State Park

Happy 2018! I hope you enjoyed the holidays and created some wonderful memories!

Last week on the way to one of my bucket list destinations (Zion National Park), we stopped and camped at Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada. I was so impressed with this place! Although this is a very popular place for day trippers from Las Vegas, the campgrounds are relatively crowd-free and you can find solitude camping here in the winter.

Valley of Fire State Park is located about an hour north of Las Vegas, and has campgrounds that are open year-round. When we were there the temps at night averaged in the low 30s, and during the day the highs were in the 60s. Great for winter camping! Valley of Fire was supposed to be just a place for us to camp to break up our drive to Zion National Park. We didn’t expect it to grab our attention so tightly and make it hard for us to leave. The campground is located about 30 minutes from the I-15 freeway and there is a Chevron gas station right at the exit for the park. Talk about convenience!

Google maps predicted the drive time to be around 9 hours from the Bay Area so with my hubby and I both driving, it seemed like a good place to stop. It was only 2.5 hours to Zion from there, so we had planned on maximizing our time at Zion the following day. Since I’m kind of a morning person, I volunteered to drive early in the morning and get us out the door at four am. The campgrounds are first-come first-serve, so it made me a little nervous when we had to drive nine hours before we got to the park. I know it sounds crazy to leave so early, but the driving was much easier without all that traffic. Later on in the day, four accidents/slow-downs on I-15 added another hour to our drive time (I’m assuming it would have been worse if we left later), but we were able to get to Valley of Fire SP at around 3:30 pm (we made a “few” stops).

Valley of Fire Hwy (road to the park from the freeway)
Racing against a sunset time of 4:30 pm
Heading down to the Valley of Fire, starting to see more red colors in the hills

The park ranger gave us the option to camp at Arch Rock or Atlatl Rock campground. Arch Rock was supposed to have sites which had more space in between them and Atlatl had electricity and water hook ups (the hook up sites were full) along with some primitive sites as well. She told us there were plenty of open sites in Arch Rock, so we headed that way to see what was available. As we drove through the campground we were wowed by how many unique and interesting campsites there were and how empty the campground was. We finally chose #19, which had a great rock valley to explore. It seemed open and spacious with towering rocks all around.

Interesting rock valley to explore
#19 campsite (there was a campsite pretty close on the right, but with the campground being so empty we didn’t think anyone would take that site – the two sites would be great for a group)
Each site has an awning for sun protection during warm weather, fire pit and BBQ grill

We set up the van for the evening, the parking space was a little uneven so we needed levelers on both front wheels. We added reflectix to all the windows and the sleeping area of the penthouse top. I added floor insulation (and rugs) before we left and set up some battery operated string lights and mini tree for some Christmas cheer. Cold weather sleeping bags and thermals kept us warm and toasty all night. I have to say, even though the temps went down below 32ºF with frost on our windshield, we stayed warm. Granted it’s not snow weather, but when we camped in Death Valley two winters ago with similar temps, it got pretty cold inside the van! We relied on the heater then, but didn’t really need it this time.

Needed levelers for this site
Started to see faces everywhere and freak myself out
Lots of nooks and crannies to explore
Looks like a sphinx head doesn’t it?
There are animal foot prints and scat everywhere, but we didn’t see any wildlife
We explored until it was time to hunker down in the van

The campground was super quiet when it got dark and we got some of the best nights sleep we’ve had in a long time. We even slept in because the van was warm and the reflectix kept it dark in the van. Eventually, the sun warmed the van up and invited us to come outside and explore again.

Soaking up the rays and the views
Happy Holidays from Valley of Fire SP!
Happy face rock
Another valley to explore
And another
No shortage of places to explore
Series of holes and caves everywhere
Dragon head?
Empty campground (a few campers far right in the picture)
Many interesting and unique sites along the campground loop
Arch Rock
Atlatl Rock has petroglyphs that can be viewed up close

It was 1 pm before we made ourselves leave Valley of Fire to head to Zion. Valley of Fire SP has a great campground and I’m sure we’ll be back this way. The location was great, the park ranger was friendly, the campsites were amazing, the geological formations were unique, and we didn’t even get to go on the park’s main road, Mouse’s Tank Road, and experience any of their hikes. Next time for sure! Hope you get to experience this park, December was a great time to go.

If you’re interested, check out our time at Zion National Park (Celebrating Christmas in Zion National Park and Seeking Solitude in Zion National Park).

16 replies to “Winter Camping in Valley of Fire State Park

  1. Omeidtougozimadu and Happy New Yeat! What an awesome Christmas holiday you had. Thanks for sharing you trip at Valley of Fire. It looks like a beautiful place place we’d enjoy exploring. You’re filling my bucket list!

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  2. This place looks awesome! I wanted to stay there last April when we went to Vegas, but I was worried they wouldn’t have any sites available. First come first served (no reservations) makes me nervous, especially at such a popular park. We ended up at a crowded RV park in Vegas, but someday I’d really like to stay at this state park instead. I can’t wait to hear about your visit to Zion!

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    1. Happy New Year! I know, first come first serve places make me nervous too. I’m sure it’s busier in April, but December was pretty wide open. I hope you get a chance to visit, it’ll be so worth it.
      I actually studied your blog posts about Zion and Bryce before we left. They were sooo helpful. Loved both parks!
      Hope you and your family had a wonderful holiday season 🙂

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  3. Thank so for sharing, Aya. Isn’t that a wonderful place to camp? I am hoping this spring we will get a chance to camp there. We only did a day trip and loved it so much. Did the campground have sites for a large RV?

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