Here goes!

DSC_1136I’ve been wanting to start some sort of campervan blog for awhile now, but couldn’t come up with the perfect blog name, so I kept putting it off (also this whole putting yourself out there is a little nerve wracking). It’s not the perfect name, but Weekend Campervanning does represent the main theme of what I want to share, our campervan experiences. The keyword being share since we are not campervan experts in any stretch of the imagination. Many things we learned through research, but some things we could only find out through trial and error. We, my family, which includes my husband and 12-year old daughter do not live in our campervan (like many amazing campervan bloggers do), but we take it out most weekends to enjoy whatever activity we have planned.

Having a campervan has opened the door for many activities we couldn’t do before like camping year round and going to remote places that don’t have restrooms (yes, I was/am pretty wimpy). The campervan has saved hubby and I from my daughter’s long volleyball tournament days/weekends where thankfully we literally have a home to return to between games where we can have a warm meal and a comfy bed to nap on. It makes those 8-12 hour days bearable. We take it everywhere even if it’s just to have a view of the ocean while we have dinner. Ok, I love our campervan and yes I should marry it, but alas I already have a husband.

I really enjoy reading other people’s blogs and learn so much from the info they so kindly share. So, this blog is my two cents (maybe more like just a cent). I hope that more people consider campervanning in their everyday lives, even if it’s just for the weekend. You don’t have to be retired (lucky you, if you are) and you don’t have to use it just for a camping vacation. It’s like having your home away from home that you can bring anywhere, but that’s small enough to fit into a regular parking spot.


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