Bryce Canyon National Park

I had very high expectations about Bryce Canyon National Park, in fact they were so high  I was worried that I might be disappointed. So many people have told me that Bryce Canyon was their favorite park out of the Utah parks. That’s pretty high praise considering the caliber of these national parks. Has that happened to you when you set your expectations too high? Well, that certainly wasn’t the case with our Bryce Canyon visit! We arrived at Bryce Canyon a little apprehensive, seeing snow in places and feeling the colder shift in temperature. However, the ranger at the Visitors Center assured us that most of the trails were open and we didn’t need any special gear to hike the trails. Even the road to Rainbow Point was open at this time (last week of December)! We were beyond excited and felt extremely lucky to be able to experience so much more of Bryce Canyon than expected. Honestly, I was prepared to be alright with just looking at the canyon from the rim if snow was an issue because it was December after all.

I knew exactly which hike I wanted to do first! The highly recommended Queens Garden to Navajo loop trail was first on our list. I couldn’t wait to experience it for myself. We made our way to Sunset Point to find the trailhead and take our first look at the canyon. The parking lot was pretty full, but we were able to find parking pretty quickly. After experiencing so much car congestion at Zion, this was a refreshing change.

My daughter ran up ahead to the rim, and I stopped to watch her as she got very still and took in the scenery. After a moment she turned around, gave me a funny look, and gestured for me to come over (“what the heck are you just standing there for, you gotta check out the view!”) Love that her teenagery self can be inspired by nature and even better yet want to share it with her mom! I’ve seen may beautiful pictures of Bryce Canyon, but there is no substitute for standing at the rim and seeing it for yourself. Looking into the canyon for the first time is a take-your-breath-away, awe-inspiring moment. To be able to see and experience the expanse, the enormity, the colors, the patterns, the hoodoos (tall spires of rock), the shadows cast by the sun, the snow, and so much more…. is absolutely incredible! This is exactly why we love National Parks and why we want to continue visiting them.

Taking a moment
First view
The snow added an interesting element

Queens Garden to Navajo Loop hike (~3 miles):
We walked along the rim trail to the Queens Garden trailhead taking in the views. Tripping over rocks, forgetting to look at the trail because the views were mesmerizing.

Rim Trail

There were many people who started the Queens Garden hike along with us, so I figured that this popular hike would just be crowded. However, after about a quarter of a mile, the crowds dropped off and we had the trail all to ourselves. This hike was seriously amazing! There was so much to see and take in. I love that we came across something new around every corner. The snow added an extra element of interest and contrast. You had to walk around some icy snow areas on the trail, but for the most part, it was very walkable just with our hiking shoes.

Here we go!
Lots of people at the beginning of the hike
Amazing views right off the bat!
The trail takes you through the cliffs and hoodoos
Beautiful, peaceful trail with hoodoos, trees, snow and far away views
Up close and personal to the hoodoos
Walking among the hoodoos gives a very different perspective than being on the rim
Expansive views in all directions


According to the nps website, the hoodoo in the middle is called ET (“ET phone home”)
More erosion of the windows will eventually form hoodoos
Aged and weathered tree greeting us on our hike
On the Queens Garden trail
The anticipation of finding out what was on the other side
Squeeze on through to yet another different landscape

We continued on to the Navajo Loop trail. The entire hike is about a three mile hike which is pretty easy except for the last section up the switchbacks.

Snowball fight anyone?
Are we on earth?
I’m sure these hoodoos have names already, but this looks like a magical castle
Cathedral? What do you think?
My daughter decided to run up the switchbacks and meet us at the top – crazy girl!
Those switch backs felt like they went on forever (just when you thought you were done with them, there was more uphill trail to finish)
Valley of the switchbacks
Almost to the top (looking back), the trail was getting slippery in sections that were not sunny anymore

I was breathing pretty hard at the top, but it was so worth it. The scenery on the hike was so unique, varied and just plain beautiful. This hike ranks up there with my all time favorites.

On our way out we stopped at Paria View Point to get some sunset pictures. It is really hard to take a bad picture at Bryce Canyon.

Sunset view from Paria View Point

I made reservations at the Best Western Plus Bryce Canyon Grand hotel for two nights about a month prior. For $116 a night it was a great deal and it turned out to be a nice place. Also, the breakfast was included and I was pleasantly surprised at how extensive the selection was. We were expecting to grab a banana and something bready, but we ended up having a full sausage, eggs and biscuit breakfast (with fruit, yogurt, pastries, cereal, juice, etc… available as well). I would stay here again just for the breakfast! Not knowing what the weather was going to be like when I made the reservation, we decided to skip camping this time. With the sunny weather, it probably would have been ok to camp, but I was very happy with our accommodations at the Best Western.

Our friends recommended that we eat at Ruby’s Restaurant, which was basically one of the only places to eat. We were pretty hungry after our hike and looking forward to a warm meal. All three of us had the buffet dinner and enjoyed having so many choices. We got to the restaurant right when it opened at 5 pm, so there was no line when we were seated. However, an hour later when we were leaving, the line was about 20-30 people long (maybe more) with an already full restaurant. It’s a good idea to get there early! (or at least before the sunset viewing crowd arrives)

2017-12-26 16.59.37
The restaurant had a homey feel, perfect after a day at Bryce Canyon
2017-12-26 17.12.30
Dinner buffet: I really enjoyed the salmon and steak among the too many items I tried (thank goodness we hiked before)

Our day at Bryce Canyon put big smiles on our faces. So far, Bryce Canyon was everything everyone said it would be… and then some!

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17 replies to “Bryce Canyon National Park

  1. Great photos! You have an eye for a great perspective. We are heading back out to the Tetons this summer so perhaps we can find a way to make it here as well. What a beautiful place.

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  2. Sounds like you had an awesome time. Bryce is also my favorite of the Utah parks. I didn’t get to try the dinner buffet at Ruby’s but I had the breakfast buffet there th day I left the park and that buffet was equally amazing and full of tons of food.

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  3. OMG!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!! So beautiful! The snow definitely brought in a nice touch.I just might head there this summer- I’ve never been there. Would you say this is a day experience or there’s enough to see for several days?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh that’s great! I think you’ll love Bryce Canyon 🙂 I always like to have at least a couple days at a NP (there are lots of hikes!), but if you can fit in a half day hike and drive down Rainbow Pt Rd (18 miles one way) to see different views of the canyon, as well as catch the sunset, you could squeeze it all in one day.

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