Things to Do in Seattle, Washington (part 2)

I love that Seattle has so many interesting things to do for everyone of all ages, abilities and interests. I mean, we were a teenager and two “mature, young at heart” 😉 people, and we really enjoyed our time in Seattle. We really embraced our role as ‘tourist’ on this trip (no shame, I tell ya)! This post is just a wrap up (part 1 here if you’re interested) of a few more things to do that we experienced and highly recommend.

Pike Place Market
The iconic Pike Place Market was high on my list, simply because it seems like it’s a ‘must do’ when in Seattle. When I asked people if they had any recommendations for things to do in Seattle, there was usually an “of course, Pike Place Market” in our conversation. …but of course. We went here two days, once on a Thursday and once on a Saturday. It was so much easier to walk around on Thursday. The lines for everything were crazy on Saturday! So, if you can visit during the week (and between meal times), it’s so much easier to maneuver, and especially with more manageable lines in case you want to buy things. Pike Place Market was a fun place to sample all the delicious local cuisine, but I can’t fit food into this post. So, I guess I’ll have one more Seattle post about our favorite bites. Because Seattlonians?, Seattlites?… Seattle people know how to do food right!

2018-04-12 14.16.55
We’re here! (I know, you’ve probably seen a picture of this sign a million times already)
2018-04-12 14.18.27
Famous fish stall where they toss the fish (Yes, I’m the tourist taking pictures of the stall)
2018-04-12 14.21.11
So many kinds of tulips, the colors livened up the market
2018-04-12 14.35.22
This talented violinist played many theme songs from the Legend of Zelda games – made our day!
2018-04-12 14.51.40
The gum wall on Post Alley. The smell of the different flavors of gum all wafted together in the alleyway, and not gonna lie, it kind of made me nauseous. It was fun to see all the little kids love it though, and then see their nervous parents telling them not to touch anything
Picture taken from a Pike Place overlook, the waterfront with the aquarium and ferris wheel is very close
I didn’t know there were two Public Market Signs – oh!

The Edgewater Hotel
We spent our last night at The Edgewater Hotel, and this hotel was a destination in itself. This hotel is built on a pier (Pier 67), so the rooms are directly over the water. When this hotel first opened, the guests were allowed to fish directly out of their rooms. You can imagine how quickly they figured out that this was a bad idea when the guests dealt with the fish they caught (fish guts and all) in their hotel rooms. Mmmm… fishy smelling hotel rooms. Not these days, the rooms were beautiful (and nice smelling!) and I came home wanting to copy some of their design elements. We spent many hours one afternoon just staring out the window, snacking on our Pike Market finds, and watching the ships and ferries going about their business on this active bay. It was like watching a movie (granted a slow one, but still entertaining). The weather changed drastically that day from pouring sheets of rain to sunny and then back to all the types of rain in between. This hotel is conveniently close to the Seattle Aquarium, Olympic Sculpture Garden and cruise terminals when you’re ready to tear yourself away from the view.

2018-04-13 15.25.21
The Edgewater Hotel’s famous neon E sign
2018-04-14 13.34.43.jpg
The Edgewater Hotel as seen from the Argosy Cruise ship, our room was one of the angled rooms on the second floor
2018-04-14 12.06.21
The Edgewater Hotel lobby had so much character, from the antler chandelier to the fish art over the fireplace, and of course the view of Elliot Bay

2018-04-13 15.29.34

The side windows with no screen open up (the bars on the bottom help keep everyone inside)
Ships passed by on their way to and from the busy port
We were able to see the ferris wheel and arenas when we stuck our heads out the window

Electric Boat Rental on Lake Union
Renting an electric boat on Lake Union was one of our favorite activities in Seattle. Hubby made a reservation through The Electric Boat Company on Thursday afternoon for that night from 6-8 pm (sunset was a little before 8 pm). We arrived a little before our rental time at their office on the west side of Lake Union, signed some papers, paid, and was put into an electric boat at our rental time. Driving the boat was pretty easy, but it does take a little time to get used to the controls and just feel comfortable maneuvering. This is an activity you can do even when it rains since there is a roof and clear side covers. Actually, because of the intermittent rain, there weren’t many other boats on the lake. We didn’t get off the boat during our time, but there are a few places to dock as shown on a map you are given. The map was very handy as we were able to give ourselves a “tour.” We brought our own food and just cruised around the bay looking at the sights. You can actually fit a large group, we had plenty of space in the boat. We passed by a guy cruising around in his boat (uncovered) when the rain was pelting with the song “Raindrops keep Falling on My Head” blasting. How awesome is he?! Also, a number of crew teams were working out on the lake in the rain, like it ain’t no thang. In Seattle, you embrace the rain.

Leaving the dock in our electric boat
The Space Needle from Lake Union
Rain at times, but stayed dry inside the boat
Sea Plane landing
Gas Works Park (I had just watched an episode of Grey’s Anatomy right before the trip that featured this place – heyyy)
Comfortable cushy seats with lots of space
Cleared up near sunset
We got to see some interesting sunset colors hit the skyline and see the city start lighting up
2018-04-12 19.51.36
Back to the dock, the boat we were on was being tucked back in with the rest of their fleet to be recharged

REI flagship store
This was something my hubby wanted to do, but once I was there I was really impressed with the place and glad I visited the store. We picked up a few small items, but shopping wasn’t high on our list when there was so much to look at in the store.

2018-04-14 16.15.43
A waterfall near their entrance
2018-04-14 16.16.45
A nice balance of nature and modern design
2018-04-14 16.18.37
Their famous indoor climbing wall (there is a guy at the top to give you perspective)
2018-04-14 16.45.02
From this treehouse to a fully furnished yurt by the entrance, fireplace, and even a campervan, there was so much to see here (there was even a Ranger Station with park rangers in their uniform to help you plan your trips in Washington)

Olympic Sculpture Garden
This park was just a short walk from The Edgewater Hotel, so we wanted to make sure we checked out this 9 acre park created by the Seattle Museum of Art. They had some interesting pieces nestled throughout the park, a gigantic red sculpture piece in the middle, called The Eagle, was an eye catcher.

2018-04-14 12.14.12
Heading up the stairs to view the sculptures, on the left of the stairway was a path next to the bay for hikers and bikers with even more sculptures
2018-04-14 12.18.47
The Eagle
2018-04-14 12.22.41.jpg
One of my favorite pieces was this group of weathering steel sculptures that people can walk through called “Wake”
2018-04-14 12.36.13
“Father and Son” water fountain, the height of the water marks the hour of the day
2018-04-14 12.37.20
This 46-foot tall sculpture, called Echo, can best be seen walking on the Elliot Bay Trail
2018-04-14 12.38.18
Those yellow and green bikes were available to rent right next to the Elliot Bay Trail (if the rain wasn’t coming down so hard, we would have loved to try them out on this trail)
2018-04-14 12.40.30
The Elliot Bay Trail (the trail closest to the bay is for walkers and the trail on the other side of the greenery is just for bikers)

I’m so glad I finally got to experience some of Seattle and understand why people talk so highly of this city. Seattle, thank you and we hope to be back someday.

If you’re interested, check out the first part of our trip and our favorite foods we ate (Things to do in Seattle, Washington, Part 1 and Our Favorite Seattle Bites).

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  1. I’m so happy someone posted about Seattle. I lived there for the better part of three years and absolutely adored every second of it except for the absolutely bitter cold that seemed to linger! I miss Seattle and the people and the absolutely astounding beauty at every turn! So good to see someone appreciating and loving it as much as I did!

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