Our Favorite Seattle Bites

Alright, let’s get down to business, Seattle’s food… 🙂  I can’t write about Seattle and NOT mention the food. The food culture in Seattle is out of this world! It was fun to taste the foods we read and heard about, and this list is our two cents. We only had so much space in our stomachs so this is by no means comprehensive of Seattle’s food.

The following is a list of our favorites, and other than the Chowder from Pike Place Chowder, we had different opinions about what were our top three bites.

Chowder from Pike Place Chowder (Pike Place Market)
The three of us agreed that this was our ultimate favorite bite from Seattle. All of the chowders we tasted were amazing, but that day’s market chowder of lobster and crab with sweet corn was our favorite out of the bunch. Everyone else must think so also because the place was packed.

Breakfast at Six Seven Restaurant (The Edgewater Hotel)
After an overnight stay at the Edgewater Hotel, we had breakfast at their Six Seven Restaurant. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and they did breakfast soooo right! All of the breakfasts that we ordered were truly memorable. From the Marrionberry Pancakes to the Lodge Breakfast and especially the Dungeness Crab Florentine Benedict, we enjoyed every bite. The view of Elliot Bay, the delicious local coffee, gracious server and swanky music helped set the ambiance and put us in a great mood to enjoy the meal. Superb! This meal made my hubby’s and my top three bites of Seattle.

2018-04-14 10.25.06
View of Elliot Bay from Six Seven Restaurant, helped make this meal very memorable

BBQ Pork Buns at Mee Sum Pastry (Pike Place Market)
The steamed and baked (Hom Bow) BBQ Pork buns as well as the Curry Bun were really delicious. Like, couldn’t-stop-eating-to-take-a-picture delicious. The sweet and savory flavors were well-balanced and we quickly polished off these large buns. The buns were warm and fresh, they were meant to be eaten right away! This is a take out establishment so you have to find your own seating. We found some seating (benches, tables and chairs) in the corridor behind Frank’s Quality Produce.
2018-04-13 13.09.29

Chocolate and Coffee at the Chocolate Market (Post Alley at Pike Place Market)2018-04-13 13.33.26
So delicious! This chocolate was so smooth, creamy and bursting with flavor. They go extremely well with a cup of their coffee. These chocolates need to be savored and enjoyed.

Beecher’s Mac and Cheese from Red Cedar and Sage Restaurant (Pike Place Market)
We stopped by the Red Cedar and Sage Restaurant for their Happy Hour to take a break and have a place to sit for a while. On their menu was their Mac and Cheese made with Beecher’s Market cheese and truffle oil. My daughter loved this and considers this one of her top three bites of Seattle.


Noodle Salad Bowl at Côba Restaurant, Viet Kitchen and Ales (530 First Avenue near Seattle Center)
One of my favorite bites in Seattle was from Côba restaurant, Viet Kitchen and Ales, near the Seattle Center. The dish I’m talking about specifically is the Crispy Imperial Bowl (noodle salad bowl with imperial rolls, otherwise known as bun). I honestly could not stop eating this. Every bite was flavorful, fresh and an absolute delight. The other dishes we ordered were delicious, but the noodle salad bowl was particularly memorable.

Mixed Berry Greek Yogurt from Ellenos Real Greek Yogurt
They have a $4 walkabout size that was perfect for a taste for the three of us. I really enjoyed this fresh taste between rich foods.2018-04-12 15.02.22.jpg

Big Dipper and Dance Party cupcakes at Cupcake Royale (Pike Place Market)
We took this to go and enjoyed this on our Lake Union boat trip. Yum, good flavors and tasted deliciously homemade. I especially liked the crunchy chocolate shell of the Big Dipper cupcake.

Crab cakes and Coconut Pie from Etta’s Restaurant (Pike Place Market).
This was a place that was recommended to us and we thoroughly enjoyed our meal here. Pricey, but the seafood was fresh and of high quality. The portions were small, but appropriate because of the richness. We had to take the coconut pie to go because we were too full from just our entrées and a wedge salad that we shared.

2018-04-13 14.27.59

Assorted Doughnuts from Daily Dozen Doughnuts (Pike Place Market)
There’s something about sweetened, freshly fried dough that is so good. Daily dozen doughnuts are fried up right before your eyes. The assorted doughnuts included three each of: plain, cinnamon sugar, powdered sugar and chocolate frosting with sprinkles. The freshly fried ones (plain and cinnamon sugar) were especially good! These doughnuts made my daughter’s top three bites.

Coffee from Uptown Espresso (near Olympic Sculpture Garden)
Perfect place to get a warm cup of coffee when exploring the Olympic Sculpture Garden on a cold, rainy day.
2018-04-14 12.38.40

Organic Hot Apple Cider from Tiny’s Organics (Pike Place Market)
The apple cider really hit the spot. It worked perfectly as a hand warmer for my daughter who wouldn’t let go. She shared the apple cider, but without letting go of the cup. Watch out, there must be some crazy glue on the cup.

Halibut with Citrus Mango sauce from Ivar’s Acres of Clams Restaurant (Pier 54 waterfront)
This made my hubby’s top three bites of Seattle. The fish was so fresh and delicate, and the mango citrus sauce matched perfectly well. He even had our server ask the chef what was in the sauce. We also enjoyed the Grilled Salmon BLT and Ivar’s World Famous Fish and Chips. This was our last meal before we left Seattle and it was a great culinary ending to our trip.

This list is simply a list of our favorite bites from our trip. There were many foods/restaurants that we weren’t able to try, but it’s good to have a “for next time” list, right? My daughter made a statement on the plane ride home that summed up our trip. “We sure ate our way through Seattle.” So true, so true… Thank goodness there are so many places to explore and “walk it off” in Seattle!

If you’re interested, check out our Things to do in Seattle part 1 and part 2 posts.

11 replies to “Our Favorite Seattle Bites

  1. You tried a lot of yummy things! I just finished my breakfast, but I almost feel hungry again! Your photos makes the food look very tempting. It’s an art to make food look as good as it tastes.

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  2. I love it! You are always posting things that help me with upcoming trips. Our big 2019 summer trip is to Seattle. I want to hit the 3 National Parks in Washington of course but also want to soak in all that Seattle has to offer. I am taking copious notes from this post….Thanks

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