Our Favorite Fruit Smoothie

Really? I need to post about a smoothie recipe? I know, it’s not that hard to make a smoothie without a recipe, but I really want to pass this on. Usually, I just throw some of this, and some of that in a blender and violà – a pretty good smoothie. I never really needed a recipe, it’s kind of hard to go wrong. Until my daughter found this “Jamba Juice Five Fruit Frenzy Smoothie” recipe from makedrinks.org. I’ve used the combination of fruits and juice before, but I have to say my smoothies never came out this good. It’s the ratio that makes this taste much like the smoothies they sell at Jamba Juice. I honestly wouldn’t have believed it until I tried it. So fruity, refreshing and perfectly sweetened! I’ve had all of my daughter’s friends and teammates try these and I can’t get over the enthusiastic reaction I get.

DSC_4341All my daughter wants after a volleyball tournament is an icy, cold smoothie. I guess a refreshing frozen fruit drink is what she craves after a long day of physical activity, I totally get it. I started making them in the campervan for her after tournaments, but it wasn’t until we found the Jamba Juice recipe that she started asking if we could make these for the team.
2016-04-02 08.17.49Well, why not? We bought 9 oz. cups with lids from Amazon (need the lids! Don’t want to clean up spills, Green Direct plastic clear cups with lids) and made the smoothies fresh at the tournament when they had a break in between matches. Wow, I was a little surprised at how much of a hit these smoothies were! Let’s just say that I was a very popular mom when I asked if anyone wanted a refill.

Five Fruit Frenzy smoothie recipe
(slightly adapted via Jamba Juice Five Fruit Frenzy smoothie from makedrinks.org)
1/2 banana
1/2 cup frozen blueberries
1/2 cup frozen strawberries
1/2 cup frozen peaches
1 cup white grape juice (original recipe uses mixed berry juice)
1 cup ice

Note: At times, depending on how well frozen the fruit is, I’ve had to add up to 1/3 cup more water/juice to get my Ninja blender to run smoothly. Sometimes we store the fruit in our freezer in the campervan, but other times we just use a well insulated cooler.

You know the drill, just blend the ingredients until smooth.


As far as serving size, for a team of 10 girls, I quadrupled the recipe and served them in 9 oz. cups. I was a tiny bit short, so next time I would make 6x the recipe (in two batches).

2016-04-02 12.12.32
My daughter’s volleyball team (from a few years ago) – drinking their smoothies in absolute silence, shhhh…..

Frozen fruit is available year-round, so stock up your freezers and make this healthy snack/drink for your kids when you want to see their precious faces light up 🙂

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